Important data on Vertical Jump

Warming Up

I like to recommend jumping rope for a few of minutes to prolusion and increase the blood flow to your muscles.

Before every physical exercise, take care to complete the warm-up/stretching routine found here.



The program is shifting into 3 completely different phases consisting of 4 weeks every.

This is as a result of as you continue through the program your muscles can adapt to the intensity of the physical exercise, thus we want to stay increasing the employment so as to continue increasing your vertical jump.


Perform the routine each second day to grant your body a day’s rest middle workouts.

This means that on week one you’ll be coaching four times every week, week 2 you’ll be coaching three times per week, and on week 3 you’ll be coaching four times per week. That lands up being eleven workouts per part for a complete of thirty three workouts within the program.

Also, throughout this program on how to jump higher may be taking one week off between every part to let your body fully recover. You wish to grant your muscles time to totally repair so as to grow stronger and a lot of explosive.

Rest Intervals

One minute rest middle all sets. If you can, try and keep a stop watch with you once you’re doing these workouts. If you don’t have one my players have found it convenient to use the stop watches situated on their mobile phones.